Rollout Toolkit Overview

Rollout Toolkit Overview


Hello, and thanks for choosing IEP Backpack by Greenbush! We know change can be scary, so we’ve put together this rollout communication kit to help you explain the benefits of IEP Backpack to your staff. 

We’ve included a sample email you can use to announce the change to all staff, and another sample email you can use to invite individuals to serve on a launch committee (should you choose to employ one). One important component of both emails is a link to a highlight video on YouTube. The video is very short but communicates the key benefits of using IEP Backpack for your district or cooperative’s documentation needs. 

In case you’d like to share the video a different way, we’ve also included a link to download the video from Google Drive. 

In the “Social Media-Style Images” folder, you’ll find a few images that you can use to reinforce the idea that change is good. Share these on your intranet; add them to emails; put them on flyers -- use them however you see fit. 

If there are any other resources that would be helpful, please reach out. We’ll be glad to assist however we can.

Thanks again,

Doug Graham

Public Relations Manager

Greenbush - The Southeast Kansas Education Service Center