Level 4 - Referral Students

Level 4 - Referral Students


Step 1: A Level 1 or 2 user can enter a new referral student into Backpack. An email like below will be sent to the Level 4 users connected to the student.

The following new Referral Request has been created. Please log into the IEP Backpack to review the details.

Submitted by:

Student Information

Student Name: 
County of Residence: 
Hispanic Ethnicity: 
Student Language: 
Parents Language: 
Assign Child Count: 
Neighborhood School: 
Responsible School: 
Initial Evaluation Consent Signed: 

Parent/Guardian Information

Additional Information

Contact melanie.johnson@greenbush.org or (620) 724-6281 if you need any assistance.
URL: https://greenbushbackpack.org

Step 2:  Click on the button to process referrals in Backpack.  

Step 3:  The referral student will show up on the Not Complete list.  Click on the pencil to process the student.  

Step 4:  Check and complete the information on each of the next four screens.  

Step 5:  The student will now be on your Complete list of referrals.  the student will also show up on the Home page with the rest of your students.  

Step 6:  Connect the student to everyone that will need access to the IEP.