Level 4 - Create Initial IEP

Level 4 - Create Initial IEP


Step 1:  Once a student has been created, a Level 4 user will need to create the initial IEP.  Click on the button with the square on the far right.  

Step 2:  The screen below will pop up and you must type in START (all caps!) and then click Start.  A Level 4 user will need to start IEPs before any levels below can enter or view any IEP information.  

Step 3:  Once the IEP is started the square button will now have an arrow.  Levels 2 and 3 are now able to enter information on the IEP.  Click on the button below for your student.  

Step 4:  Complete the Student Planning page that automatically pops up.  

If a section requires attention on the IEP you will mark the areas like the below screen. 

Step 6:   Enter Initiation and Meeting dates.  These dates will need to be entered before you can continue to the modules.  

Step 7:  The areas you marked that needed attention will not have a check mark on the module.  Click on the modules and enter the information for the student.  When the module is complete, select Save and Continue and there will now be a check mark on the box.  An IEP can only be made Active once all the modules are marked complete.  

Note:  Until an IEP is Active you will be able to edit information.  Click on the check mark next to Completed at the top.  The module will become interactive again.