Level 4 - Create Calendar

Level 4 - Create Calendar


Level 4: Set Calendar

The Level 4 user will be the only user with access to enter the Calendar, Service Providers and District Contacts.

STEP 1: Click the  button at the screen below.

Note: You will more than likely need to set the calendar for current and next year to duplicate services!

STEP 2: Click on View on the Calendar module.

STEP 3: Select the school year for the calendar you would like to create.  

STEP 4: Select the district and building for the calendar you would like to create.

STEP 5: Click on the dates school will not be in session for the school year. June, July, and other holidays are already entered.  You can unclick a date if selected by accident, or if you have school on one of the blue days already selected.  

STEP 6: You will be able to copy your calendar to other buildings. Click on the save button.  Select your district, click on the buildings you want your calendar copied to, and select the paste button.

Note:  Days Per Week, Total Days, Total Weeks, and Minutes Per Day are not automatically figured and will need to be manually entered!