Level 4 - Add Users Levels 1-3

Level 4 - Add Users Levels 1-3


Step 1:  Click on the second button from the left with the + sign.  

Step 2:  Click on the Level User you would like to create.  Enter the User's information and click save.  A user may be connected to multiple districts at once.  An email will be automatically sent to the user with log on information for Backpack.  

Step 3:  Connect Level 1-3 users to their buildings.  Click on the middle green button to the right of the user name.    

Step 3:  Select the district (users can be connected to more than one district, so you may see several districts) from the drop down menu.  You can click on the square to select all the buildings within the district, or click on one building and click Save.  

Note:  Level 3 users are able to see Level 1 and 2 users in their district as well as all of the students in the buildings they are connected to.