Level 4 - Add Students to Level 1-3

Level 4 - Add Students to Level 1-3





Notes:  If you are in need of a refresher check the FAQ for Level 4 - Add Users Level 1-3.  A Level 3 User will see all students in their assigned buildings in their districts.  

Backpack has added the capability to add all Level 1 and 2 users all at once in the Student Demographics.  The 4th page will have a list of all the users possible to add to the student.  Click on each user and Save and Continue. 

Original Method:

   Step 1:  Level 4 users will need to add students to Level 2 and Level 1 users.  From the Home screen click on the blue link for the user you would like to assign a student to.  The Level 2 or Level 1 user must be connected to the district and building of the student.   




Step 2:  You will then click on the blue button in the screen below:




Step 3:  Select the students you would like to add to your user.  You can select multiple users at once and click on Add.  




The added students will show up in the users student list like below.  If you add a student by mistake, you can click on the green button with the - sign to remove the student.  


The students will show up on the Home screen of the user when they log on to Backpack.